Changing the way accounting firms work

Changing the way
accounting firms work

SimpleCJ is a cloud based CRM that helps accounting agencies, CPAs, EAs to manage clients, tasks,
invoices, and more in one place.

The perfect CRM for Your Accounting Firm

Simple CJ is a customizable CRM (Customer Relationship management) that lets you manage customer communications & streamline your business processes.

All-in-one CRM

Replace multiple applications with this
all-in-one CRM
for better business efficiency.

Dedicated Client Portals

Manage clients better with a
dedicated portal
accessible from anywhere and at any time

Secure Communications

Secured and flexible communication ways to
connect with customers effectively.

Incredible convenience with unparalleled experience

Cloud Based Accounting Practice Management Software is loaded with features which save time for your business to focus on key parameters which are crucial for success.

Ease of use

We know that time is money. That's why we've ensured that it only takes a few minutes to set up any form, workflow, or document sharing and signing on the platform.

No more spreadsheets

All your data - contacts, documents, sales tasks - are now organized in one place and easily accessible on any device without the hassle of logging into multiple platforms.

Automated workflows

Automate your workflows with a simple form - no need for lengthy training sessions. Easily capture minutes of meetings and translate them to individual tasks across the teams.

We help Accounting Firms Achieve Scale

Revolutionize the practice by introducing cloud computing in accounting to improve productivity and help you keep things on your tip by

Management Simplified

With simpleCJ's document management and e-Signature features, managing those important files has never been easier. Securely send and receive documents with cloud based file management

Built for Business

Client management and task management make it perfect cpa office management software to match the present digital world. So get ready to impress the clients, save time and get organized at the same time.

Invoicing & Payments

SimpleCJ includes a secured invoicing platform to create invoices in less than a minute and an integrated payment section to ensure faster payments using multiple payment methods.

Flexible Communication

The software provides you with the flexibility required to communicate better with your customers, in their preferred mode whether it is messaging or email.

Task Management

Assign tasks across different teams, review the progress of each task, analyze dependencies, and manage key milestones to never miss client deadlines.

Secured Data

Keeping Data secure is our utmost priority. All data is encrypted using the AES-256 bit Technique and will require two-factor authentication for retrieval.

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